Franklin's Ferry

Im gonna miss that dumb Half-Orc....

The following adventure log is from Orsik Stoutbelly

Those damn undead….. They got Rend….... We had to burn him ta make sure he dont rise up just like one o’ them…..

We go into that damn mausoleum and get bum-rushed by 4 o’ these bity undeads, a buncha skeles, another damn ghost, and some shooter skeles.

Of course, whats the first thing that Rend does? Does his typical “rush into battle” thing and doesnt wait for my stubby legs to follow. Rend gets surrounded by 2 o’ these bity undeads and they keep him stunned until the ghost can drain the life from him.

I was never able to get to him. Kana and Sam was behind me. Kana was hurtin all the undeads with all his spells. Sam was healin like a mad man. Unfortunately, it wasnt enough.

Rend fell. We saw the life fade from him. He died a good death, thats for sure.

Some how, the 3 of us made it out of there. I was able to make my body heal my wounds a bunch, a new trick i picked up, and Sam was healin the crap outta me. Kana was doin all the damage while I pretty much sat back and took all the damage and stayed stunned the rest of the time. It was the fight of our lives, thats for sure. Had I gone for too long, I fear that we all would have died. It was a miracle.

We search in the mausoleum afterward and find the artifact we are looking for. Kana and Sam look at the thing and find out its real bad stuff. It makes undead all around you. And it keeps them coming all the time.

The three of us decide that this artifact has got to go. It aint gonna be used for no prophecy even if it means that we die. I used Rend’s maul and cracked the evil thing in pieces.

We walk out of the mausoleum to find Fergus Greybeard running up to us. Now, this is just getting creepy. We told this guy we were leaving town, not that we were going to this graveyard. And we DID NOT take the road! We all decided to run through the swamp and all through the woods AS FAR AWAY FROM THE ROAD AS POSSIBLE!!! And SOMEHOW, this INNKEEPER finds us at this graveyard????? He is some evil sort of bastard!!!

Of course, Fergus says he needs that artifact. The three of us talk about it and determine that Fergus aint getting the artifact AND the next time we see him, we is gonna knock him dead. We tell Fergus to get lost and head back to town.

We head into town, do some light tradin and dealin, talk to some of the people we know, and find out….. nothing. No one knows who attacked us or anything. The three of us finally decide to head to that “safe house” that the little kid told us about.

We leave town and head to the safe house. Of course, it wasnt safe at all. But THIS TIME, we figured bad stuff would happen! Sam gets the idea to put a big rock by the door in case there is bad stuff in there. We do and as soon as I open that door, there is like 8 guys waiting to attack us. I slam the door shut, throw the rock against it, and Kana starts using his fire stuff and starts the barn on fire.

Damn thieves got some secret door to head back outside and they come around from the back side to get us. They had some shooter guys with crossbows but we used the barn to provide us with a little bit o’ cover. It worked real well. The one magic guy tried to come out in the open to use his spells on us. Didnt work out too well for him. Kana dropped his big fire ball thing on him and his weaker guys, and I charged his ass and knocked him right into Kanas fire ball thing.

We smack him dead while I take a bolt to the leg. Then it was us three against those two crossbow guys. I circle around to charge one o’ them. Somehow, they had HALBERDS hiding on them! The two of them pull them out and start makin an Orsik sandwich. Hurt pretty bad but we got the best healer out there. He had me better quicker then I could say “I needs your heals!!!” Kana with the spells, me with the hits, Sam with the heals, and the crossbow / halberd guys went down.

Before we head up to the farm house, we take a short rest…...

The Prophecy?

The following adventure log is from Orsik Stoutbelly

So we get back to Franklin’s Ferry from beating the crap outta some stinky-ass goblins, and what happens? Someone decides it would be funny to attack all of our homes….. OUR HOMES. Those bastards are gonna PAY for that, believe me….

Anyhow, this innkeeper Fergus Greybeard says we are part of some stupid prophecy or something. He thinks all four of us, Me, Rend, Sam, and Kana, are the people who are gonna save the world or something. Me, I dont care too much about it. Right now, Im more focused on trying to find the bastards who tried to burn my house up.

So Fergus Greybeard says that in order to help this prophecy, we got to go and get this artifact or something. He says he dont know what this artifact is or does or ANYTHING but he knows its a part of this prophecy blah blah blah we got to go get it blah blah blah.

He also mentions something about this group called the Maroon Militia. Appartently, Fergus Greybeard is a part of them or something. Basically, the “Moron” Militia is a bunch of people who dont know each other but “work” together for the same goal. A bunch of crap, if ya ask me.

Oh by the way, did I mention that Samuel asks Fergus Greybeard a bunch of questions and he is probably the vaguest person I have ever met? Yeah, not too trust worthy right now….

The four of us decide to pack up and get the hell out of town to find this artifact. Unfortunately, Fergus Greybeard isnt too trust worthy so we dont tell him that we are actually going to find this artifact. We just tell him we are getting out of town.

Right when we get out of town, some little kid comes up to us and says “you guys gotta go here cause Fergus said so!!”. We tell the kid to piss-off and we continue with what we were doing.

After a good couple of days trying to find this graveyard where this artifact is, we run into a damn BLACK DRAGON in a Swamp! We give him a little bit o’ the hammer brothers, me and Rend use them hammers, and he takes off.

Another day of travels, and we find that graveyard. Of course, its on the other side of the damn river. We take a day to make a shitty ole raft and try to cross the river. Everything was workin pretty good until Rend decided it would fun to jump in. Dumb Half-Orcs…...

We finally make it to the graveyard, fight some little skeletons and zombies, and check out one of the mausoleums and find a bunch more undeads. Then there was a DAMN GHOST IN THERE!! I HATE GHOSTS!! THEY SCARE THE CRAP OUTTA ME!!! We beat all the undeads back down and fortunately Rend and Kana take out that ghost. Damn ghosts…..

We take a short rest and prepare for the final mausoleum…..

Tower of stinky goblin DEATH

The party follows the tracks to a decrepit tower in a clearing. Inside wait three floors of goblin, bugbear and hobgoblins just waiting for their turn at the party! The running battle culminates in an epic battle on a half destroyed roof where at one point, the party had a total of 14 hps amongst the four of them!

Old Men on a road playing cards?

The party makes its way to the bridge over the Wyfoam.

Once underway, they encounter some old men playing cards in the middle of the road! The party approaches, and realizes too late that it’s an ambush! The party manages to defeat the lyncanthropes and their allies, and continue on their way.

As they approach the bridge, they see a single goblin fishing there. When he sees them, he runs away to the North. Moments later, a group of goblins move in to attack the group! The team is able to defeat them, despite their limited experience together. In the aftermath, someone notices some goblin tracks leading to the North…..

The Lottery!

The leadership of Franklin’s Ferry has developed a unique way to tackle civil projects in town. Rather than a classic tax and improve model, the town utilizes a lottery system to assign people to civic responsibilities. The town pays a small cadre of key personnel, then fills the ranks of the town guard, work crews and even building crews with ‘volunteers’ chosen by lottery. Participation in the lottery allows citizens to carry a card that grants them access to the walled, central part of the city.

Unfortunately, in the most recent lottery, your card came up. You were notified by a courier just this morning that you were to make immediate preparations and muster at the western gatehouse at noon. You were told to prepare as if you would be on guard duty, but that it wasn’t actually going to be guard duty….

At noon, you and three other people you’ve never met separate yourselves from the foot traffic through the western gate. Sgt Percy, the commander of the western gatehouse, sees you and approaches.

“Your volunteer duty this time around is going to be a bit different than you’ve probably experienced before. There’s been some reports of a ‘disturbance’ at the bridge over the Wyfoam a few hours ride west of here. I need you to head out there and investigate, and reopen that bridge. A couple groups in the city here have been bugging the hell out of me to deal with it, and I just don’t have the manpower, what with the all the dock chaos lately. That’s all your assignment is. The faster you get it done, the faster your lottery responsibility is ended this time.”

“Oh, and don’t even ask me if there’s a reward, or if I can provide anything to help you, or any garbage like that. Everybody asks me that. Make a damn effort and get your own shit together. I’m sick of giving my gear to people and having it turn up in the hands of a pissed off goblin trying to kill me! Now get lost!”


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