Franklin's Ferry

The Lottery!

The leadership of Franklin’s Ferry has developed a unique way to tackle civil projects in town. Rather than a classic tax and improve model, the town utilizes a lottery system to assign people to civic responsibilities. The town pays a small cadre of key personnel, then fills the ranks of the town guard, work crews and even building crews with ‘volunteers’ chosen by lottery. Participation in the lottery allows citizens to carry a card that grants them access to the walled, central part of the city.

Unfortunately, in the most recent lottery, your card came up. You were notified by a courier just this morning that you were to make immediate preparations and muster at the western gatehouse at noon. You were told to prepare as if you would be on guard duty, but that it wasn’t actually going to be guard duty….

At noon, you and three other people you’ve never met separate yourselves from the foot traffic through the western gate. Sgt Percy, the commander of the western gatehouse, sees you and approaches.

“Your volunteer duty this time around is going to be a bit different than you’ve probably experienced before. There’s been some reports of a ‘disturbance’ at the bridge over the Wyfoam a few hours ride west of here. I need you to head out there and investigate, and reopen that bridge. A couple groups in the city here have been bugging the hell out of me to deal with it, and I just don’t have the manpower, what with the all the dock chaos lately. That’s all your assignment is. The faster you get it done, the faster your lottery responsibility is ended this time.”

“Oh, and don’t even ask me if there’s a reward, or if I can provide anything to help you, or any garbage like that. Everybody asks me that. Make a damn effort and get your own shit together. I’m sick of giving my gear to people and having it turn up in the hands of a pissed off goblin trying to kill me! Now get lost!”



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